The Teams

Each of the teams competing in this years USARA Adventure Race National Championship have proven themselves in one or more of the regional qualifying events held across the United States. This alone will ensure fierce competition at the USARA National Championships. Add the lure of being crowned best of the best and determination to win turns to a will of steel. There are a lot of adventure races in the US each year, none of them offer such a competitive field racing for such high stakes. Follow all of the action to see who will be crowned this years USARA Adventure Race National Champions.

Adventure Enablers/USMES, DE
Captain: Travis Seihndel
Members: Glen Gibson, Mike Chaney
Division: Open
No Complaints, OH
Captain: Jim Benton
Members: Doug Ritzert, Jenn Debruyn
Division: Coed
Any Bearing Will Do, GA
Captain: Lee Lyman
Members: Brook Davidson, Paul Miller
Division: Coed
Lupine Racing USA, CO
Captain: Rick Schnell
Members: Dan Ziegler, Michele Ericsson
Division: Masters
Captain: Herbert Schmidmeier
Members: Ricardo Franca De Araujo,
Division: Open
Unplugged Adventures, IA
Captain: Jon VanDis
Members: Bob Billings, Christine Davisson
Division: Coed
Broken Brakes , NC
Captain: Brandon Bettis
Members: Jordan Kinder, Joe Keys
Division: Open
Rib Mountain Racing, WI
Captain: Tim Buchholz
Members: Anna Nummelin, Erik Martinez
Division: Coed
Deviate, IN
Captain: Michael Garrison
Members: Greg Grossart, Heather Kluch
Division: Coed
Fire Walkers, FL
Captain: Trixie Smith
Members: Keith Haskins, Jennifer Anderson
Division: Coed
Fragile Flowers (Female), NY
Captain: Olga Huber
Members: Erin Rycroft, Beth Barrese
Division: Open
Adventure Girls (Female), WI
Captain: Melissa Dupke
Members: Mary Reel, TBD
Division: Open
Captain: Glen Lewis
Members: Kevin McIntyre, Corinne Farrell
Division: Coed
Systematic Chaos, KS
Captain: John Collins
Members: Jon Pierce, Mike Molina
Division: Open
Captain: Bruce Kuo
Members: Val Hardin, Dave Ashley
Division: Masters
Team Kuat/Alpine Shop, MO
Captain: Jason Bettis
Members: Jeff Sona, Diane Diebold
Division: Masters
NYARA Masters, NY
Captain: Rodney Villella
Members: Amy Bartoletti, Bruce Swanson
Division: Masters
Off the Grid Racing, FL
Captain: Jake Brewer
Members: Mark Boyland, May-Li Cuypers
Division: Coed
Outlaw Donkey, TN
Captain: Bill Fletcher
Members: Lisa Randall, Shannon Greenhill
Division: Coed
Chickpoints (Female), KY
Captain: Karen Clark
Members: Dellvenna Hambling, Kristy Deep
Division: Open
Soggy Bottom Boys Racing-A, VA
Captain: Mark Montague
Members: DJ Angelone, Sam Prestidge
Division: Open
Spurious Racing, IN
Captain: Steve Hambing
Members: Scott Kanehl, Connor Oren
Division: Open
Captain: Andrea Anderson
Members: J.J. Potasiewicz, Daniel Rodriguez-Agudo
Division: Coed
The Wildlings, MI
Captain: Barbara Niess-May
Members: Mark Voit, Kevin Poirier
Division: Masters
We Will Survive, MI
Captain: Brenda Carlson-Brown
Members: Joseph Brown , Scott
Division: Masters
Only MOSTLY Lost, OH
Captain: Laura Comtois
Members: Gary Dunham, Jason Schaefer
Division: Coed
Deer Hunters , NC
Captain: Dave Tucker
Members: Jarrod Clement, Steve Mattson
Division: Open
VEO Racing, GA
Captain: Jack Easter
Members: Ken Wood, Charly Schultz
Division: Open
NYARA Old Goats, NY
Captain: Dan Brannen
Members: Brian Gatens, Hugo Walker
Division: Open
Captain: Todd Creech
Members: Andy Good, Charlie Martz
Division: Open
Cherubini Brothers AR, PA
Captain: Michael Cherubini
Members: James Cherubini, Jeff Cherubini
Division: Open
Quest, WA
Captain: Brent Molsberry
Members: Scarlett Graham, Dusty Caseria
Division: Coed
Rootstock Racing, PA
Captain: Brent Freedland
Members: Nicki Driscoll, Brian Reiss
Division: Coed
BRF BARF (Female), OH
Captain: Anne Lang
Members: Lauren Kraft, Jessica Croisant
Division: Open
Rootstock Racing-B, PA
Captain: Abby Perkiss
Members: Jim Driscoll, Karyn Dulaney
Division: Coed
Michigan Racing Addicts, MI
Captain: Phil Shrader
Members: Mike DeBolt, Richard Lee Sparks
Division: Open
CP Phychosis, IL
Captain: Drake White
Members: Lauren Ison, Ryan Watts
Division: Coed
No Sleep Adventures, IN
Captain: Tiffany Hutchens
Members: John Farless, Tom Marten
Division: Coed
Toporadicals, MO
Captain: Nathan Graves
Members: Brian Rodenbeck, TBD
Division: Coed
Adventure Enablers/USMES, DE
Captain: Travis Siehndel
Members: Glen Gibson, Mike Chaney
Division: Open
3 Bike Moms (Female), GA
Captain: Teri Lynn
Members: Amy Heerema , Rachel Witkeiwicz
Division: Open
Holy Schnikes, CO
Captain: Cassidy Schiller
Members: Rick McBee, Taylor McBee
Division: Coed
Rome AR 2, GA
Captain: Charlie Bagget
Members: Patrick Dillon, Clay Colvin
Division: Open
Scrambled Legs and Aching, ME
Captain: Shelley Koenig
Members: David Koenig, Sam Morse
Division: Coed
Rome AR-1, GA
Captain: Jeff Holloway
Members: Rusty Chadwick, Robert Bradham
Division: Open
Soggy Bottom Boys Racing, VA
Captain: Brent Russell
Members: Mary Foster, Emmy Shea
Division: Coed
Almost Good'Nuff, FL
Captain: Ron Eaglin
Members: Manny Otero, Jonathun Perkinson
Division: Open
Odyssey Adventure Racing/Lupine, IL
Captain: Eric Olsen
Members: Ronny Angell , Sara Dallman
Division: Coed
Chunk/404 Racing, SC
Captain: Brian Deitsch
Members: Eddie Lent, Jason Long
Division: Open
Richmond Aging Burritos, VA
Captain: Philip Dawson
Members: Robin Dawson, Shelly Mclaughlin
Division: Masters
Mountain Race Company, AR
Captain: Rachel Furman
Members: Andy Bacon, TBD
Division: Coed


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