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Coed Division

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Coed Masters Division

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Open Division

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Female Division

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Blazing Paddles  
"The O-Team"  
Dave Boyd Spirit Award  


CPS - Check Points
UF - Unofficial Finisher
(Finished without complete team)
DNF - Did Not Finish
(Team had to stop on the course)

2017 Lake Harmony, Pennsylvania Rootstock Racing
2016 Augusta, Georgia Adventure Medical Kits
2015 Pineville, Kentucky TECNU Adventure Racing
2014 McHenry, Maryland TECNU Adventure Racing
2013 Nashville, Indiana TECNU Adventure Racing
2012 Kerhonkson, New York Gear Junkie/WEDALI
2011 Cumberland Falls, Kentucky TeamSOG
2010 Hidden Valley, Pennsylvania WEDALI
2009 Pilot Point, Texas Team Granite AR
2008 Blue Ridge, Georgia DART-nuun
2007 Potosi, Missouri M.O.A.T.
2006 Santa Barbara, California Eastern Mountain Sports
2005 Tampa, Florida M.O.A.T
2004 Frenchlick, Indiana Hooked on the Outdoors
2003 Lakeshore, California Salomon USA
2002 Sapphire Valley, North Carolina Team Litespeed
2001 Leesville, Louisiana Team Traveler
2000 Kernville, California Team Traveler

2017 Lake Harmony, Pennsylvania Checkpoint Zero Masters
2016 Augusta, Georgia Checkpoint Zero Masters
2015 Pineville, Kentucky Rev 3 (Masters)
2014 McHenry, Maryland Rev 3/MK (Masters)
2013 Nashville, Indiana Odyssey Adventure Racing Masters
2012 Kerhonkson, New York Checkpoint Zero
2011 Cumberland Falls, Kentucky Odyssey Adventure Racing/
2010 Hidden Valley, Pennsylvania Odyssey Adventure Racing/
2009 Pilot Point, Texas Eastern Mountain Sports Monster Masters
2008 Blue Ridge, Georgia Eastern Mountain Sports Monster Masters
2007 Potosi, Missouri Team Eastern Mountain Sports
2006 Santa Barbara, California Team Santa Fe Masters
2005 Tampa, Florida M.O.A.T Masters
2004 Frenchlick, Indiana E-Caps Florida

2017 Lake Harmony, Pennsylvania Sic Ubu Sic
2016 Augusta, Georgia Happy Mutant Main Nerve
2015 Pineville, Kentucky Off-Course Navigation
2014 McHenry, Maryland Richmond ASR: Raging Burritos
2013 Nashville, Indiana Kiss My Compass
2012 Kerhonkson, New York NYARA Men
2001 Leesville, Louisiana Adventure Pocono
2000 Kernville, California Team Albatross

2017 Lake Harmony, Pennsylvania 361 Adventure Chickpoints

2014 McHenry, Maryland The Adventure Sports Institute at Garrett College
2013 Nashville, Indiana Texas A&M
2012 Kerhonkson, New York The Citadel
2009 Pilot Point, Texas Green Paw Adventure Sports / SAL Miami


Tiger Balm
The Right Stuff
Body Glide
PEET Dryer
Lupine Lighting
Mountain Khakis
My Topo
Shayler & Shayler