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Kerhonkson, New York

How To Qualify For The USARA Adventure Race National Championship
The top 4 Coed & Open (male or female) teams from each regional qualifying race qualify to compete in the USARA Adventure Race National Championship. This is a roll down system: If one of the top 4 teams does not accept, the slot will roll down to the 5th place team, etc. until 4 teams accept. Teams have 14 days from the day the USARA sends the National invitation to accept and submit a deposit before the slot rolls down to the next team. Coed Masters & Collegiate teams have open registration and do not need to qualify.

Late Qualifiers Can Be Used For The Following Year
Teams that qualify after September 1st have the option of using the qualifying slot for the current year or using the qualifying slot for the next year. Teams cannot use the slot for both the current and the following year.
Regional Sponsorship Program
The 1st place coed team from each regional qualifying race will receive a $400.00 sponsorship, provided by the regional qualifying race, to be applied to the teams entry fee for the USARA Adventure Race National Championship™. If the 1st place team does not attend, the sponsorship will roll down to the 2nd place team, etc. Teams will be credited the $400 once the regional qualifier has paid the sponsorship fee to the USARA. Teams may only win one $400.00 Regional Sponsorship Bonus per year. If you bring multiple teams, each team is eligible to receive the Regional Sponsorship Bonus.

If a team qualifies at one event (but does not win the event) and registers for the National Championships, then later the team wins a qualifying race, that team would receive the Regional Sponsorship bonus from the second race. The team would have qualified at the first race provided all four qualifying slots are filled from the first & second race. If all four qualifying slots are not filled from both races, the team will qualify at the event which has an open slot. This system helps open qualifying slots for other teams.
Regional Champions Jacket Program
The winning team members at each regional qualifying event will be presented with a custom Champion System USARA Regional Champion jacket at the awards ceremony.
USARA Regional Qualification Races
CIA - Central Indiana Adventure September 07, 2019 Nashville, IN
Tahoe Big Blue September 14, 2019 Lake Tahoe, CA
TCX Palos September 14, 2019 Willow Spring, IL
Coosa River Challenge October 05, 2019 Wetumpka, AL
MAFF November 02, 2019 Delafield, WI
Off Road Rage November 02, 2019 Truman Lake, MO
Raid the Rock November 09, 2019 Little Rock, AR
Oak Mountain Challenge December 28, 2019 Birmingham, AL
Deviant Wolfe February 01, 2020 Sanford, FL
Sea to Sea February 27, 2020 St. Augustine, FL
Earthday July 18, 2020 Tallahassee, FL
Never Summer August 15, 2020 Grand County, CO
The Berryman August 22, 2020 Rolla, MO
Super Frog Adventure Race - DATE TBD September 2020 Hobe Sound, FL
Tahoe Big Blue September 20, 2020 Lake Tahoe, CA
CIA-Central Indiana Adventure October 03, 2020 West Lafayette, IN
Coosa River Challenge October 03, 2020 Wetumpka, AL
Off Road Rage October 24, 2020 Warsaw, MO
MAFF October 31, 2020 Delafield, WI
Raid the Rock November 2020 Little Rock, AR
Stubborn Fool April 03, 2021 Ontario, WI
Shenandoah Epic April 17, 2021 Bentonville, VA
Chasin the Bone May 01, 2021 Greenbush, WI
MISSION Adventure Race May 08, 2021 St. Croix, IN
Bryce Conquer the Mountain May 22, 2021 Bryce, VA
Rib Mountain Adventure Challenge 18 Hour May 29, 2021 Wausau, WI
Rib Mountain Adventure Challenge 8 Hour May 29, 2021 Wausau, WI
Two Rivers Adventure Race May 29, 2021 Morris, PA
No Sleep Adventure June 2021 Equality, IL


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